Stretch bicycles

Stretch bicycles, also known as "tall bikes," are custom-built bicycles that have been modified to create an elongated frame, allowing the rider to sit significantly higher off the ground than on a standard bicycle. These unique bikes are often built by welding or otherwise attaching two or more bicycle frames together, resulting in a taller, more eye-catching design.

Stretch (Approximate bicycle dimensions): Elongated and stretched out frame and wheelbase geometry.

Approximate price ranges for 'Stretch Bicycles' type of bike (minimum - average - maximum prices): $500 - $1,500 - $5,000

1. General Information
  • Name and type: Stretch bicycle (tall bike)
  • Purpose: Recreational riding, artistic expression, and novelty
  • Price range: Varies, typically custom-built or DIY projects
  • Suitable for: Experienced riders with good balance and confidence
2. Characteristics


  • Material: Steel (often recycled or repurposed bike frames)
  • Geometry: Highly modified, with an extended seat tube and head tube to create a taller frame


  • Diameter: Varies, often using standard 26-inch or 700c wheels
  • Tire type: Varies, depending on the intended use and personal preference
  • Rim material: Aluminum or steel


  • Number of gears: Varies, often single-speed or fixed-gear
  • Drivetrain components: Varies, depending on the builder's preferences and available parts


  • Type: Varies, often using standard rim brakes or disc brakes
  • Actuation: Mechanical or hydraulic
  • Manufacturer and model: Varies, depending on the builder's preferences and available parts


  • Type: Rigid, often extended to match the elongated frame
  • Material: Steel

Saddle and handlebars

  • Saddle type: Varies, depending on personal preference
  • Handlebar type: Varies, often using riser bars or extended steering tubes for increased height

Bike weight:Varies, typically heavier than standard bicycles due to the added frame material and custom components

3. Features
  • Additional equipment: Some stretch bicycles include platforms or foot pegs for mounting and dismounting
  • Accessories included: Varies, often minimal or none
  • Unique characteristics or technologies: Extended frame design, custom fabrication, and unconventional appearance
  • Compatibility with additional equipment: Varies, depending on the specific build and available mounting points
4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Main advantages: Unique riding experience, increased visibility, and a strong sense of individuality and creativity
  • Potential disadvantages or limitations: Difficult to mount and dismount, less stable than standard bikes, limited practical use, and potential legal concerns in some areas
  • Comparison with other similar bike types: More extreme and unconventional than other custom or modified bicycles, prioritizing novelty and artistic expression over practicality
5. Target Audience and Recommendations
  • Suitable for: Experienced riders who enjoy a challenge, want a unique riding experience, and are comfortable with the added height and reduced stability of a stretch bicycle
  • Frame size recommendations: Custom-built to suit the rider's height and preferences
  • Maintenance and care tips: Regular inspection of welds and joints, standard bicycle maintenance practices, and extra caution when riding due to the unconventional design
6. Popular Models and Manufacturers
  • Examples of popular models: Often one-off creations or custom-built projects by individual builders or small workshops
  • Well-known builders specializing in this type: Richie Trimble (creator of the "Stoopidtall" bike), Zenga Bros, Tom Sainsbury, and other independent builders
7. Conclusion
  • Summary of key characteristics and advantages: Stretch bicycles are custom-built, elongated bicycles that offer a unique riding experience, increased visibility, and a strong sense of individuality and creativity, while challenging the rider's balance and skill
  • Optimal choice for: Adventurous and experienced cyclists who want to stand out from the crowd, push their limits, and enjoy the novelty and artistic expression of riding a tall, unconventional bicycle, despite the practical limitations and potential safety concerns.