The frame is the main structure of the bicycle, while the fork holds the front wheel and allows for steering.

Bicycle Frames
Bicycle Forks
Bicycle Chainstay
Bicycle Seatstay
Bicycle Headsets
Bicycle Headset Spacers
Bicycle Dropouts
Bicycle Derailleur Hangers
Bicycle Seat post clamp
Bicycle Braze-ons
Bicycle Cable stops
Bicycle Frame Lugs
Bicycle Rear Shocks
Bicycle Pegs

The bicycle steering and handling system

These components allow the rider to control the direction.

Bicycle Handlebars
Bicycle Bar ends
Bicycle Bar end Plugs
Bicycle Stems
Bicycle Grips
Bicycle Handlebar Tapes
Bicycle Aerobars
Bicycle Gear Shifters
Bicycle Gear cables


These components allow the cyclist to take a comfortable position while riding.

Bicycle Saddles
Bicycle Seatpost
Bicycle Seatpost clamp
Bicycle Seatpost Shim
Bicycle Seatclamps


The drivetrain consists of components that transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel.

Bicycle Cranksets
Bicycle Crank arms
Bicycle Chainrings
Bicycle Bottom Brackets
Bicycle Bottom bracket shell
Bicycle Pedals
Bicycle Chain
Bicycle Chain Guides
Bicycle Cassettes
Bicycle Derailleurs
Bicycle Front Derailleur
Bicycle Front Derailleur Cables
Bicycle Rear Derailleur
Bicycle Rear Derailleur Cables
Bicycle Derailleur Hangers
Bicycle Bash Guards
Bicycle Groupsets

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires provide traction, support, and shock absorption.

Bicycle Wheels
Bicycle Hubs
Bicycle Dynamo hubs
Bicycle Spokes
Bicycle Rims
Bicycle Tubes
Bicycle Tires
Bicycle Nipples
Bicycle Quick Releases
Bicycle Fenders
Bicycle Rim Tapes
Bicycle Baggage Carriers


Brakes are essential for slowing down and stopping the bicycle.

Brake levers, Brake calipers (rim or disc), Brake pads, Brake cables or hydraulic lines, Rotors (for disc brakes)

Bicycle Brake Levers
Bicycle V-Brakes
Bicycle Disc Brakes
Bicycle Hydraulic Brakes
Bicycle Brake Pads
Bicycle Brake Cables

Bicycle components / Parts

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