Components - Bicycle Bar Ends

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Here's a list of popular and relevant bicycle bar end brands:

  • Bontrager
  • Zipp
  • Cane Creek
  • Ergon
  • Profile Design
  • Zefal
  • Ritchey
  • Velo
  • Origin8
  • Crank Brothers
  • Dimension
  • Easton
  • FSA
  • Salsa
  • ControlTech
  • Rocket Rons
  • Token
  • BBB
  • XLC
  • Dia-Compe
  • Serfas
  • Soma
  • Nitto

Bar ends are popular accessories for drop handlebars on road, gravel, and touring bikes, providing additional hand positions for comfort and leverage. While not a major product category, several reputable cycling brands offer bar end models.

Ergon is well-known for their ergonomic and feature-rich bar ends, often with grip extensions and multiple hand positions.

Profile Design, Zefal, and Ritchey are established brands that offer classic and lightweight bar end options.

Brands like Crank Brothers, Easton, FSA, and Salsa cater to the performance and mountain biking crowds with their bar end offerings.

ControlTech, Rocket Rons, and Token provide budget-friendly bar end alternatives for cyclists looking for affordable options.

Nitto is a respected component brand known for their classic and stylish bar end models, often used on vintage and retro-style builds.

While not an exhaustive list, these brands cover a range of materials (aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic), designs (ergonomic, traditional), and price points, allowing cyclists to choose bar ends that suit their riding style, budget, and aesthetic preferences.