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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle chain guide brands:

  • e*thirteen
  • MRP
  • RaceFace
  • OneUp Components
  • C-Guide
  • Bionicon
  • Gamut
  • KCNC
  • Box Components
  • Wolf Tooth Components
  • Point One Racing
  • Hope
  • Mojo Rising
  • Blackspire
  • Straitline
  • Chromag
  • Deity
  • DMR
  • Truvativ
  • Sram
  • Rotor
  • Absolute Black
  • Stages Cycling
  • Quarq

Chain guides are essential components for mountain bikes, particularly in demanding disciplines like downhill, freeride, and enduro, where chain retention and security are crucial.

Brands like e*thirteen, MRP, RaceFace, and OneUp Components are industry leaders in chain guide design and manufacturing, offering a wide range of options for various drivetrain configurations and cycling disciplines.

C-Guide and Bionicon are known for their innovative and lightweight chain guide designs, often used by professional riders and racing teams.

Brands like Gamut, KCNC, Box Components, and Wolf Tooth Components cater to both OEM and aftermarket demand for chain guides, providing solutions for different budgets and performance levels.

Point One Racing, Hope, Mojo Rising, and Blackspire are respected names in the mountain biking community, offering high-quality chain guides alongside their other component lineups.

Straitline, Chromag, Deity, and DMR are popular choices among freeride and downhill riders, with chain guides designed to withstand the most extreme riding conditions.

Major drivetrain brands like Truvativ, Sram, Rotor, and Praxis Works also offer chain guides as part of their component offerings, ensuring compatibility with their respective drivetrains.

Absolute Black, Stages Cycling, and Quarq provide precision-engineered chain guides, often integrated with power meters or specific crankset systems.

This list covers a wide range of chain guide options, catering to various riding styles, drivetrain configurations, and budgets, ensuring cyclists can find reliable solutions to keep their chains secure and prevent dropped chains during demanding rides.