Components - Bicycle Crank Arms

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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle crank arm brands:

  • Shimano
  • SRAM
  • Campagnolo
  • FSA
  • Race Face
  • Rotor
  • Praxis Works
  • Sugino
  • White Industries
  • Middleburn
  • Truativ
  • Raceface
  • E.13
  • Hope
  • Aerozine
  • Suntour
  • Token
  • SRAM XX1
  • Rotor InSpider
  • Stronglight
  • Andel
  • Box Components
  • Miche
  • Wolf Tooth
  • Stages Cycling

These brands cover a wide range of crank arm options for different cycling disciplines like road, mountain, BMX, touring, and more. They offer various crank arm lengths, chainring configurations (single, double, triple), and material choices like aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel.

Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are the leading crank arm brands, especially for high-performance road and mountain groupsets.

FSA, Race Face, Rotor, and Praxis Works are popular choices for aftermarket crank arms, catering to different budgets and performance needs.

Brands like Sugino, White Industries, Middleburn, and Hope are known for their high-quality, often boutique-level crank arms for vintage, touring, and custom builds.

Raceface, E.13, and Token offer crank arms specifically designed for gravity and freeride mountain biking disciplines.

SRAM XX1, Rotor InSpider, and Stages Cycling represent specialized crank arm designs for 1x drivetrains and power meter integration, respectively.

This list covers a diverse range of crank arm options, ensuring cyclists can find the right combination of performance, durability, aesthetics, and compatibility to suit their riding needs and preferences.