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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle dynamo hub brands:

  • Shutter Precision
  • Schmidt
  • Busch & Müller
  • SON
  • Sanyo
  • Shimano
  • SP Dynamo
  • Supernova
  • Ralf Behr
  • Revo
  • Union
  • Heinz Oberdorfer
  • Velologic
  • Vanaweb
  • Ryde
  • Sturmey-Archer
  • Sachs
  • Kasrbah
  • JC-Liten
  • Dynavit
  • Banjo Brothers
  • Monkeylink
  • Axa
  • Dahon
  • Xplova

These brands specialize in manufacturing high-quality dynamo hubs, which are used to power bicycle lighting systems and other electronics through the rotation of the hub.

Shutter Precision, Schmidt, and Busch & Müller are highly regarded brands known for their efficient and durable dynamo hubs, often used in touring and commuter bicycles.

SON and Sanyo are well-established Japanese brands that produce reliable and long-lasting dynamo hubs for various cycling applications.

Shimano, a leading component brand, offers dynamo hubs as part of their product lineup, ensuring compatibility with their groupsets and systems.

SP Dynamo, Supernova, and Ralf Behr are respected brands focusing on high-performance dynamo hubs with advanced features and technologies.

Revo, Union, and Heinz Oberdorfer cater to the custom-build and specialty markets with their precision-engineered dynamo hub offerings.

Velologic, Vanaweb, and Ryde provide budget-friendly dynamo hub options for cyclists seeking affordable solutions.

Sturmey-Archer and Sachs are known for their dynamo hubs integrated into internal gear hub systems.

Brands like Kasrbah, JC-Liten, and Dynavit offer dynamo hubs specifically designed for folding and compact bicycles.

Banjo Brothers, Monkeylink, and Axa specialize in complete dynamo lighting systems, including hubs, lights, and accessories.

Dahon and Xplova round out the list, representing brands that integrate dynamo hubs into their folding bicycle and cycling computer lineups, respectively.

This list covers a range of dynamo hub brands catering to various cycling disciplines, power requirements, and budgets, ensuring cyclists can find reliable and efficient solutions to power their lighting and electronic devices while on the move.