Components - Bicycle Frame

Bicycle Frame: The Essential Component

A bicycle frame is the core structure of a bicycle, providing support and connecting all the components together. It plays a crucial role in determining the bike's handling, comfort, and overall performance.

In this chapter, you can explore an extensive catalog of bicycle frame manufacturers from around the world. With over 100 producers listed, you'll find a wide range of options to suit your needs and preferences. To make your search more convenient, use the filter on the right-hand side to refine the results based on specific criteria.

We also invite you to visit our "Articles" section, where we have prepared detailed insights on various interesting topics related to bicycle frames. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, these articles will provide valuable information to help you understand the nuances of bicycle frame design, materials, and more.

Banshee Bikes frame manufacturing
Banchee logo, Canada
Intense logo, USA
Turner Bikes - Titanium Mountain & Gravel Bikes frame manufacturing
Turner Suspension Bicycles logo, USA
Custom Bike Frames Ventana
Ventana logo, USA
Yeti Cyclesframe
Yeti Cycles logo, USA
Niner Bikes Mountain & Gravel Bikes frame manufacturing
Niner Bikes Mountain & Gravel Bikes frame manufacturing
Orbea frame manufacturing
Orbea frame manufacturing
Santa Cruz Bicycles frame manufacturing
Santa Cruz Bicycles logo, USA
DMR Bikes mountain bike frame manufacturing
Banchee logo, Canada
Kestrel Bicycles frame manufacturing
Kestrel logo, USA
Vicious Cycles custom bike frame manufacturing
Vicious Cycles, Metal Guru, Logo
Torelli custom steel road bike frame manufacturing
Torelli logo, USA
S&M Bikes' BMX frame manufacturing
Sandmbikes, S&M Bikes logo
Charge Electric Bikes frame manufacturing
Charge logo
Cinelli logo
Genesis Bikes
Genesis Bikes logo
Lapierre Bikes
Lapierre Bikes
Litespeed Bicycles
Litespeed logo, USA
Look Cycle
Look Cycle logo
Norco logo, Canada
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Santa Cruz Bicycles logo, USA
Saracen Bikes
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Specialized Bicycle logo, USA
Trek Bikes
Trek Bicycle logo, USA
Columbus logo
Commencal logo
Dolan Bikes
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Eastern Bikes
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Evil Bikes USA
Evil Bikes logo, USA
Fitbikeco logo
Identiti Bikes
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KHE BMX Freestyle Bikes
KHE BMX Freestyle Bikes logo
Blackmarket bikes logo
NS Bikes
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Soma Fabrications
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Montague Bikes
Montague Corporation logo, USA
Nukeproof logo
Premium BMX Parts - Haro Bikes
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Pure Cycles
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Ragley Bikes
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SUBROSA Bikes logo
United Bike Co
United Bike Co logo
Wethepeople BMX
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FRM Bike
FRM Bike logo
KarpielEV | Gravity Coaster
KarpielEV | Gravity Coaster logo
Nox cycles
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Chromag Bikes
Chromag logo, Canada
Octane One
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ACOR - All Cycling Off
Acor logo
Caribou bike
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Cyfac logo
Maxway Cycles Co. Ltd.
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Rewel bikes
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Zonenschein bikes
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XPA Carbon Cycling Components
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XDS Carbon bike components
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HTech Bikes
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Factor Components
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Oswald Cycle Works
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Enigma Bicycle
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Argonautic Custom
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Pine Cycles
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Black Sheep Bikes
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New River Bikes
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Rodriguez Custom Bikes
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