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Bicycle nipples themselves are not typically branded products from specific companies. They are relatively simple components used to secure and tension the spokes to the rim during wheel building.

However, some respected bicycle component and wheelbuilding brands do manufacture and offer high-quality nipples as part of their product lineups or wheelbuilding accessory kits. Here are some relevant brands that produce bicycle nipples:

  • DT Swiss
  • Sapim
  • Pillar
  • Wheelsmith
  • Mavic
  • Ryde
  • Stans NoTubes
  • WTB
  • Industry Nine
  • Enve
  • Zipp
  • Boyd Cycling
  • Velocity
  • H Plus Son
  • Sun Ringle
  • Halo
  • Token
  • KevIndustry
  • Chromag
  • Raceface

These brands are known for their expertise in wheelbuilding and producing high-quality components for bicycle wheels, including spokes and nipples.

DT Swiss, Sapim, and Pillar are among the most respected brands for their premium nipple offerings, often used in high-performance and custom wheel builds.

Wheelsmith and Mavic provide nipples designed specifically for their respective wheelsets and component lineups.

Brands like Ryde, Stans NoTubes, WTB, and Industry Nine offer nipples as part of their wheelbuilding accessory kits or for use with their proprietary rims and hubs.

Enve, Zipp, Boyd Cycling, and Velocity cater to the high-end and custom wheel building markets with their precision-engineered nipple options.

H Plus Son, Sun Ringle, and Halo provide nipples for various wheel sizes and applications, often found in aftermarket and upgrade kits.

Token and KevIndustry nipples are popular choices for budget-conscious wheelbuilders and cyclists seeking affordable upgrade options.

Chromag and Raceface offer nipples designed to complement their mountain bike component lineups and wheelsets.

While not a major product category, high-quality nipples are essential components for proper wheel building and maintenance. These brands cater to the demand for reliable and compatible nipple solutions across different cycling disciplines and performance levels.