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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle rim brands:

  • Mavic
  • DT Swiss
  • Enve
  • Roval
  • Zipp
  • Shimano
  • Stan's NoTubes
  • WTB
  • Easton
  • Fulcrum
  • Industry Nine
  • H Plus Son
  • Sun Ringle
  • Velocity
  • Spank
  • Alex
  • Weinmann
  • Ritchey
  • Syncros
  • Boyd Cycling
  • Halo
  • Pacenti
  • Astral
  • Jalco
  • Surly

These brands cover a wide range of rim types and materials, including aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and specialized designs for different cycling disciplines like road, mountain, BMX, and more.

Mavic, DT Swiss, and Enve are among the most respected and premium rim brands, known for their high-performance and aerodynamic offerings.

Roval (Specialized), Zipp, and Shimano are leading component brands that manufacture rims designed to integrate seamlessly with their respective wheelsets and groupsets.

Stan's NoTubes, WTB, and Easton offer a diverse range of rim options for various cycling disciplines, from entry-level to high-end models.

Fulcrum, Industry Nine, and H Plus Son specialize in high-quality and durable rims, often used in custom wheel builds and demanding riding conditions.

Sun Ringle, Velocity, and Spank cater to the mountain biking and BMX communities with their robust and wide-profile rim designs.

Alex, Weinmann, and Ritchey provide budget-friendly and reliable rim options for various cycling applications.

Syncros, Boyd Cycling, and Halo offer specialized rim solutions for different segments, such as aerodynamics, weight savings, and durability.

Pacenti, Astral, and Jalco are niche brands focused on innovative rim designs and materials, catering to custom builders and enthusiasts.

Surly rounds out the list, representing a brand known for its durable and versatile rim offerings for touring, commuting, and adventure cycling.

This list covers a comprehensive range of rim brands suitable for different riding styles, terrains, budgets, and performance requirements, ensuring cyclists can find the perfect combination of strength, weight, aerodynamics, and compatibility for their specific needs.