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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle saddle brands:

  • Selle Italia
  • Fizik
  • Prologo
  • Brooks England
  • SDG
  • WTB
  • Selle San Marco
  • Fabric
  • Specialized
  • Charge
  • ISM
  • Selle Royal
  • Ergon
  • Tioga
  • Velo
  • Planet Bike
  • Spyder
  • SQlab
  • Selle SMP
  • Cobb Cycling
  • fi'zi:k
  • Bontrager
  • Terry
  • Chromag
  • Ritchey

These brands offer a wide variety of saddle designs, materials, and shapes to cater to different cycling disciplines, riding styles, and anatomical needs.

Selle Italia, Fizik, and Prologo are among the most popular saddle brands, known for their high-performance road and mountain bike saddles, featuring advanced materials and ergonomic designs.

Brooks England is renowned for its classic leather saddles, often favored by touring and vintage bicycle enthusiasts.

SDG, WTB, and Specialized are prominent brands in the mountain biking segment, offering saddles designed for comfort and control on rough terrain.

Fabric, Charge, and ISM are respected for their innovative and pressure-relieving saddle designs, catering to long-distance riders and those seeking optimal comfort.

Selle Royal, Ergon, and Tioga provide a wide range of saddle options at different price points, ensuring accessibility for cyclists with varying budgets.

Velo, Planet Bike, and Spyder cater to the commuter and urban cycling markets with their durable and practical saddle offerings.

SQlab and Selle SMP specialize in ergonomic and biomechanically optimized saddle designs, focusing on reducing discomfort and improving pedaling efficiency.

Cobb Cycling, fi'zi:k, and Bontrager are known for their lightweight and aerodynamic saddle options, popular among road cyclists and triathletes.

Terry and Chromag offer saddle designs specifically tailored for women's and gravity-oriented riding, respectively.

Ritchey is a respected brand in the cycling industry, offering high-quality saddles alongside their other component lineups.

This list covers a diverse range of saddle options, ensuring cyclists can find the right combination of comfort, performance, and ergonomics to enhance their riding experience and minimize discomfort during long rides or demanding terrain.