Components - Bicycle V-Brakes

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Here is a list of popular and relevant bicycle V-brake brands:

  • Shimano
  • Tektro
  • Avid
  • Hayes
  • Dia-Compe
  • Cane Creek
  • Clarks
  • SRAM
  • Promax
  • Campagnolo
  • FSA
  • TRP
  • Weinmann
  • Greenfield
  • Origin8
  • Aztec
  • Terrago
  • Paul Components
  • Saccon
  • XTR
  • Deore
  • Alivio
  • Acera
  • Coda
  • Radius

V-brakes were a popular brake system for mountain bikes and some road bikes before the advent of disc brakes. While not as widely used today, they are still found on entry-level and budget-friendly bicycles.

Shimano and Tektro are two of the most well-known and widely used V-brake brands, offering a range of options for different price points and performance levels.

Avid, Hayes, and Dia-Compe were also major players in the V-brake market, producing high-quality and reliable brakes for mountain bikes.

Cane Creek, Clarks, and SRAM (formerly Avid) continue to offer V-brake solutions for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

Promax, Campagnolo, and FSA provide V-brakes as part of their broader component lineups, catering to various cycling segments.

TRP, Weinmann, and Greenfield are respected brands known for their durable and budget-friendly V-brake options.

Origin8, Aztec, and Terrago cater to the entry-level and commuter bicycle markets with their affordable V-brake offerings.

Paul Components is a high-end brand that offers precision-engineered V-brakes for custom builds and discerning cyclists.

Shimano's XTR, Deore, Alivio, and Acera lines, as well as SRAM's Coda and Radius series, represent their respective V-brake groupset options.

While disc brakes have largely replaced V-brakes on modern bicycles, these brands continue to provide V-brake solutions for cyclists seeking reliable and cost-effective braking systems, particularly in the entry-level and budget-conscious segments.