A frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To find a specific bicycle manufacturer on our website, simply look for the "Manufacturers" section in the top menu. Clicking on this tab will take you to a page with a comprehensive list of all the bicycle manufacturers in our database. You can sort these manufacturers by their country of origin, such as Canada, USA, or Mexico. If you know that your preferred manufacturer specializes in a particular type of bicycle, you can use the filter on the left side of the page to select that specific type. Our system will then sort all the manufacturers according to your query, making it easier for you to find the one you're looking for. At our core, we aim to provide our readers with the opportunity to discover the vast diversity of bicycles and their unique features. That's why we have chosen not to include a search function for specific manufacturers. Instead, we encourage you to explore the various options available and learn about the distinctive characteristics that set each manufacturer apart.

Yes, our directory includes both large and small bicycle manufacturers, as we aim to showcase the entire spectrum of producers, including custom bicycle makers. To ensure that our list is comprehensive and reliable, we have included only those manufacturers who have an active website on the internet. This allows our readers to verify the existence of each manufacturer and provides an opportunity for interested individuals to visit the manufacturer's website for more detailed information about their products and services. The primary goal of our portal is to highlight the diversity of manufacturers and the unique features they bring to the bicycles or components they produce. We believe that every manufacturer, regardless of their size, has something valuable to offer in terms of innovation, craftsmanship, or specialized expertise. By including a wide range of manufacturers in our directory, we hope to help our readers discover new and exciting options they may not have previously considered. We encourage our readers to explore the websites of the manufacturers that pique their interest, as this will give them a more comprehensive understanding of the products and the philosophy behind each brand. Our portal serves as a starting point for this discovery process, providing a centralized resource that celebrates the rich tapestry of bicycle manufacturers and the distinct value they bring to the world of cycling.

Regarding the description of bicycle manufacturers, we have currently focused solely on North American bicycle manufacturers. However, when it comes to bicycle parts, accessories, and other components, we have expanded our list to include manufacturers from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and other regions. In this case, we did not limit ourselves to a specific geographical area but instead concentrated on the particular bicycle component and aimed to showcase all active manufacturers with a web presence that we could find on the internet. Our goal is to provide our readers with a comprehensive overview of the available options for each component, regardless of where the manufacturer is based. By including international brands in our directory for bicycle parts and accessories, we hope to give our audience access to a wider range of products and innovations from around the world. This approach allows us to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our readers, as some may be looking for specific components that are more readily available from international manufacturers. Additionally, by not restricting our directory to a single geographic region, we can highlight the global nature of the cycling industry and the unique contributions made by manufacturers from different parts of the world. While our focus on North American bicycle manufacturers provides a solid foundation for those interested in locally-produced bicycles, our inclusive approach to components and accessories ensures that our readers have access to a wealth of information and options when it comes to customizing or upgrading their rides.

At this stage, all our efforts are focused on publishing the available information from our database on the website. There are still many pages that have been assigned a topic for each section, and every day, these pages are updated with new information from our database. Therefore, please expect updates as we work on making our extensive database fully accessible to the public. We understand that our readers value up-to-date and accurate information, and we are committed to providing that to the best of our abilities. However, given the sheer volume of data we have collected on bicycle manufacturers, components, and accessories, it will take some time to ensure that everything is properly formatted and presented on our website. Our team is working diligently to streamline this process and make sure that the information is released in a timely and organized manner. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this crucial stage of development. Rest assured that as soon as new information is added to the website, it will be readily available for our readers to access and explore. We encourage you to check back regularly to stay informed about the latest updates and additions to our directory. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the sections that have already been populated with information from our database, as we believe you will find a wealth of valuable insights and resources even in these early stages of our website's development.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have the option to filter the list of bicycle manufacturers based on the type of bicycles they produce (e.g., mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.). However, when you find a specific bicycle manufacturer using our directory, you will be able to see all the other types of bicycles they produce in their information box. This feature allows you to quickly and easily understand the full range of bicycles offered by a particular manufacturer. By providing a comprehensive overview of each manufacturer's product line, we aim to help our readers make more informed decisions when choosing a bicycle or exploring different brands. In the manufacturer's information box, you will find a list of all the bicycle types they produce, along with other relevant details such as the company's history, location, and any unique features or technologies they employ in their bicycles.

As of 2024, we are in the process of verifying the presence and activity of each manufacturer's website, and we provide a link to their official website in the information box of each specific manufacturer listed in our directory. By clicking on this link, you can easily access the manufacturer's website, where you will typically find their contact information, including phone numbers, addresses, and other relevant details. Please keep in mind that while we strive to maintain the accuracy of the website links provided in our directory, manufacturers may occasionally update or change their website URLs. If you encounter any broken links or outdated information, please let us know, and we will promptly update our records to reflect the most recent changes. In addition to contact information, manufacturer websites often provide valuable resources such as product catalogs, technical specifications, warranty details, and customer support services. By exploring these websites, our readers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of each manufacturer's offerings and make well-informed decisions when selecting a bicycle or component.

To submit a new bicycle manufacturer to be added to our directory, please contact us via email at: We would also like you to include the manufacturer's website in your initial request.

At this stage of our project's development, we are providing information from our database, but we do not currently have user reviews or ratings for the bicycle manufacturers listed on our website.

Yes, we do have an entire section dedicated to guides on choosing bicycles or bicycle parts based on the user's specific needs and requirements. These articles can be found in the corresponding section of the top menu on our website: Reviews, Articles, News and Trends, Comparisons, Buying Guides, Events, Videos, Workshop.

We do not have any fees or subscriptions associated with using our bicycle manufacturer directory website.

Yes, we briefly provide such information if we consider it relevant for the reader to understand the manufacturer's background, acquired experience, and technologies that enable them to create excellent bicycles or bicycle parts through their history.

At this stage of our website's development, it is only possible to sort manufacturers by their country of origin. If we receive many requests asking for this functionality, we can consider implementing a more granular search option to sort by state or province as well.