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The Comprehensive Guide to the Cycling Industry. Our platform offers all people interested in cycling high-quality marketing information about the market for bicycles, spare parts, accessories, cycling clothing, protection, food for cyclists and so on.

Our goal is to provide you with independent information about all components and bicycles in general and help you make the decision to buy the right bike component for you.

North American bicycle manufacturers directory

Find your favorite bike among North American manufacturers (USA, Canada and Mexico).

The 'Manufacturers' section offers you company profiles of manufacturers with a convenient filter, where you can find your bike according to the search parameters.

Manufacturing company profiles contain information about each company, location, website link, company description, innovations and distribution.

You can get acquainted with the current popular bicycle models of each manufacturer, as well as new products, on the manufacturer's website.

To make it easier for you to understand all types of bicycles, we have created a special section 'Bicycle types' where you can read about each type.

The technological innovations of each company's production that they have brought to the market are listed in the Company Profile.

The range (types of bicycles) of manufacturers is diverse and includes all types for any type of riding and the needs of a cyclist of any gender and age.

You can buy a bike through a network of dealers, specialized stores, and other distribution channels; each company develops its network individually (check their website).

Manufacturers provide their customers with service support in accordance with the terms of the guarantee.

Bicycle components / Bicycle parts

The 'Bicycle Components' section is one of the main sections on the platform, with at least 63 subsections for all major bicycle components.

In terms of components, we did not limit the geography of manufacturers to North America, but rather took all manufacturers globally.

We have developed a convenient search filter for each type of component according to the characteristics of different brands.

In the 'Articles' and 'Reviews' section, you will find articles with a comparison of components, as well as articles on maintenance and care, repair, and replacement.

It will also be interesting for you to learn about the latest technologies, future developments and the latest innovations in the production of bicycle components, trends.

In our articles and reviews, we also give recommendations/advice on how to choose components depending on the type of bike and riding style.

Bicycle components
Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle Accessories

Accessories are additional components that are not mandatory for the bicycle's operation but significantly enhance your riding experience. From practical items like lighting and racks to high-tech gadgets like bike computers and action cameras, each accessory serves its purpose.