The Best Bike Trailers for Hauling Kids, Pets, and Cargo

Bike trailers are an excellent way to expand the versatility and carrying capacity of your bicycle, allowing you to safely transport kids, pets, or cargo on your rides. With a wide variety of bike trailers available on the market, it's essential to choose one that meets your specific needs and priorities. In this review, we'll explore some of the best bike trailers for hauling kids, pets, and cargo, highlighting their key features, safety elements, and overall performance.

Types of Bike Trailers:
  • Child Trailers: Child bike trailers are designed to safely transport young children behind your bicycle. They typically feature a protective enclosure, comfortable seating, and safety harnesses. Some models can accommodate one or two children and may have additional storage space for essentials.
  • Pet Trailers: Pet bike trailers allow you to bring your furry companions along on your rides. These trailers are designed with the comfort and safety of your pets in mind, often featuring a secure enclosure, ventilation, and a cushioned interior. Some pet trailers can also double as cargo trailers when not in use for transporting animals.
  • Cargo Trailers: Cargo bike trailers are designed to haul gear, groceries, or other items behind your bicycle. They come in various sizes and configurations, from single-wheel designs to larger, two-wheel models with higher weight capacities. Cargo trailers can be open or enclosed and may feature weather-resistant materials for added protection.
Top Bike Trailers Reviewed:
  • Burley D'Lite X: The Burley D'Lite X is a top-of-the-line child bike trailer that prioritizes safety, comfort, and versatility. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable suspension, and a spacious interior that can accommodate one or two children. The trailer's five-point harness system, roll cage, and UV-protected windows ensure your child's safety, while the reclining seats and ample storage space provide comfort and convenience.
  • Thule Chariot Cross: The Thule Chariot Cross is a multisport child trailer that can be used for cycling, jogging, and skiing. Its aerodynamic design, adjustable suspension, and padded seats offer a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones. The trailer features a five-point harness system, a roll cage, and a weather-resistant cover for all-season use. It can accommodate one or two children and has ample storage space for gear.
  • Burley Tail Wagon: The Burley Tail Wagon is a versatile pet and cargo trailer that can safely transport your furry friends or haul gear. Its spacious interior, removable floor, and mesh windows provide comfort and ventilation for pets, while the weather-resistant cover and durable construction ensure long-lasting performance. When not in use for pets, the Tail Wagon can easily convert into a cargo trailer.
  • BOB Ibex Plus: The BOB Ibex Plus is a rugged and reliable single-wheel cargo trailer designed for off-road adventures. Its lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable suspension, and large 16-inch wheel provide excellent stability and tracking on various terrains. The trailer features a waterproof and removable cargo bag with a capacity of up to 70 pounds, making it perfect for hauling gear on bikepacking trips or backcountry excursions.
  • Burley Flatbed: The Burley Flatbed is a sturdy and adaptable cargo trailer that can haul a wide variety of items. Its open platform design allows for easy loading and unloading, while the expandable cargo net secures your items in place. The trailer features a durable aluminum frame, a 16-inch wheel, and a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds, making it suitable for heavy-duty hauling tasks.

Choosing the best bike trailer for your needs depends on the type of cargo you plan to transport and your specific requirements for safety, comfort, and performance. The trailers featured in this review represent some of the top options available for hauling kids, pets, and cargo, each with their own unique strengths and features.

When selecting a bike trailer, consider factors such as the age and number of children you'll be transporting, the size and type of pets you own, or the nature and volume of cargo you plan to haul. Additionally, evaluate the trailer's safety features, build quality, ease of use, and compatibility with your bicycle.

Remember, while a high-quality bike trailer can greatly expand your bicycle's carrying capacity and versatility, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe use, including weight limits, attachment instructions, and maintenance recommendations.

By investing in the right bike trailer for your needs, you can enjoy the freedom and convenience of bringing your children, pets, or essential items along on your cycling adventures, making your rides more enjoyable and functional than ever before.