US Bicycle Manufacturers by States

In total, there are about 150 bicycle manufacturers in the United States of America of various sizes and scales. This number includes large factories with mass production as well as small workshops and garage initiatives by enthusiasts.

The largest manufacturers, such as Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, and Giant, have significant production capacity and a wide dealer network across the country. They produce tens of thousands of bicycles annually and hold the lion's share of the market. These companies account for about 20% of all manufacturers.

Mid-tier manufacturers, such as Santa Cruz, Pivot Cycles, Intense Cycles, etc., have smaller production capacity but still produce several thousand bicycles per year. These companies often specialize in certain types of bicycles (e.g., mountain bikes) and have a loyal fan base. They account for about 30% of the total number of manufacturers.

The remaining 50% are the numerous small manufacturers and enthusiasts who make bicycles in garages or small workshops. They make one-off or small-scale bicycles, often on a customized basis. Many of them specialize in hand-welded steel frames. Such initiatives are scattered across the country and bring diversity to the U.S. bicycle market.

Concentration of producers geographically across the country

There is a certain unevenness in the territorial distribution of bicycle manufacturers in the United States. The largest concentration of manufacturers is on the West Coast, especially in California, Oregon, and Washington. These states have strong cycling communities, good riding conditions, and are home to many large companies such as Specialized, Santa Cruz, Intense, and others.

The second largest cluster of manufacturers is located in the Northeast, in the New England states. It is home to such well-known brands as Cannondale (Connecticut), Parlee Cycles (Massachusetts), Seven Cycles (Massachusetts), Serotta (New York), and many others. This area has a long tradition of producing high-quality bicycles.

The Midwest, especially Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois, also has a significant number of manufacturers. The most famous of these is Trek, located in Watertown, Wisconsin. In addition, there are a number of smaller companies and custom frame builders.

The lowest concentration of manufacturers is observed in the South and in mountainous states. However, there are some outstanding representatives here as well, such as Litespeed (Tennessee), Lynskey (Tennessee), Guerrilla Gravity (Colorado), Moots (Colorado), etc.

In general, the distribution of bicycle manufacturers across the United States reflects the popularity of cycling in different regions, the availability of appropriate infrastructure, and historical traditions. The West Coast and the Northeast remain the industry leaders, but there are talented craftsmen and innovators all over the country.